Image Archive Usage Policy and Licensing Terms

Access to the photographic archive is exclusively reserved for professional operators in the media, communication, and information sectors. The images contained in our archive are subject to the following usage conditions to ensure responsible use and compliance with current regulations regarding usage licenses, copyright, image rights, and news reporting.

Violating these conditions may lead to the revocation of access to the archive and potential legal actions.

Policy Review

IPA reserves the right to modify these policies at any time to reflect changes in legislation or operational practices. Users are encouraged to regularly check this page for updates.

Correct Usage of Archive Images

Images from the archive can be used without the explicit consent of the depicted individuals only in the following specific situations:

  • Information: Images can be used in contexts such as journalistic reports, documentaries, and other forms of news communication where they serve to inform the public.
  • Criticism and Review: Use of images for criticism and review is allowed in cinematic, theatrical, musical, literary, and other cultural analyses.
  • Satire: Images can be used to create satirical content that comments on or parodies current events, public figures, political personalities, or social phenomena.
  • Education: Use is permitted for educational purposes in academic environments, schools, seminars, educational presentations, and teaching materials.
  • Entertainment: Images can be used in television programs, films, web series, art exhibitions, and other forms of entertainment where the images enhance the artistic or narrative value of the work.

If you wish to use images in ways not specified above, explicit consent from the depicted individuals is required. It is essential to ensure that a suitable release is available for the selected image; otherwise, written consent from the depicted individuals must be obtained. This consent must clearly specify the contexts in which the images will be used. Adopting these precautions is crucial to respect the rights of the depicted individuals and to avoid potential violations of privacy or image rights.

Licensing Terms

IPA offers various types of licenses to meet the different needs of users in various application fields. Below, for informational purposes, the most common licenses are described: Rights Managed (RM), Royalty Free (RF), and Editorial License. These are used in communication and marketing as well as in editorial, informational, and educational fields.

Rights Managed (RM) License

The Rights Managed license offers meticulous and detailed control over image usage. This license allows precise definition of parameters such as the duration of use, geographical location, format, exclusivity, and other specific needs like the number of copies and usage format size. The license is valid for a single use.

In the context of communication and marketing, a distinction between the two main communication strategies is important:

  • Above The Line (ATL) Applications: For large-scale advertising campaigns such as those on television, newspapers, or billboards.
  • Below The Line (BTL) Application: For use in brochures, flyers, email marketing, social networks, and other promotional materials.In the editorial, informational, and educational context, the rights granted by the Editorial License can be increased.

Royalty Free (RF) License

The Royalty Free license allows more flexible use of images, though with some limitations. Images can be used multiple times and across multiple communication channels simultaneously. It is ideal for BTL campaigns where images can be used in multiple media without the need to renegotiate usage terms for each new use. The RF license can also be used in the editorial field.

Editorial License

This license is perfect for newspapers, magazines, informational blogs, and other media with editorial, informational, and educational purposes. Images with an Editorial License are intended exclusively for use in contexts that report or comment on events or topics of public interest and therefore cannot be used in communication and marketing contexts. Images cannot be altered to change the original context or to create a defamatory or derogatory message. The use of images must always comply with current laws related to news reporting. Every use of the images must be accompanied by proper attribution to the source, specifying “©photographer/” as the rights holder.

Responsibility in Using Images with Sensitive Information

When using images that may include sensitive information such as vehicle license plates, non-public individuals, minors, or other potentially delicate information, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the use of such images complies with privacy and data protection laws. The user must ensure that the use of the images does not violate the privacy and dignity rights of the depicted individuals, even in permissible contexts. This includes the obligation to pixelate or obscure sensitive information before any publication or dissemination. Improper use of images that leads to privacy violations of the depicted individuals can expose the user to legal sanctions.

By using images obtained through IPA, the user agrees to take full responsibility for complying with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. Therefore, IPA cannot be held responsible for any improper use by the user of the images that lead to privacy violations or other rights of the depicted individuals, such as defamatory, libelous, or otherwise illegal uses.

In conclusion, an editorial license covers a range of uses related to information and culture and is not limited exclusively to critical information and satire but extends to any non-commercial use that requires visual content to complement an editorial or educational context.

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